Gas Sales

VNG Energie Czech concentrates on supplying natural gas to wholesale consumers. Our customers are industrial concerns from a variety of sectors – glassworks, paper mills, bakeries, dairies, heat management, brickworks, breweries, etc.

We offer favourable prices. We drawn on the broad range of product options enabled by our extensive purchasing portfolio – in addition to long-term contracts with a number of European partners, we also trade on the short-term markets. The VNG Group plays an active part in the Exploration & Production of natural gas in Norway.

To send us a query you can use the enclosed form or you may send us the necessary data in any format you like. For more detailed information about your consumption profile it is best to send us a daily consumption diagram ideally covering the last 12 months.

VNG Energie Czech looks forward to sending an invitation to submit a bid. We will contact you by return with information about how to proceed and will eventually propose a meeting in person.

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