By making a suitable purchase of energy the customer can do a lot to support the company’s activities and contribute towards the sustainable reduction of the costs of natural gas.

We offer all the possible options for purchasing gas. We are willing to consult with you and propose a solution which will correspond to your individual needs. Our purchasing portfolio allows us to offer special products bound to short-term, medium-term or long-term purchase contracts, or a combination of these.

These products are:

  • Price formula (CZK, EUR, USD)
  • Price formula with a proportion of spot purchasing
  • Fixed price
  • Flexible purchasing with the option to choose pricing structure
  • Gradual purchasing
  • Combination

If you are interested, we also provide:

  • Supplies to end customers
  • Supplies to a virtual trading point
  • Partial supplies
  • Supplies on the basis of short-term or long-term contracts
  • Structured or Base-load supplies