The changes on the European markets brought a series of wholly new experiences for end consumers, who are gradually setting themselves up in business in the changing conditions of the natural gas market.

VNG Energie Czech provides assistance in changing supplier. It is also building itself a position as a trader, to ensure a smooth transition between different contractual relations. Thanks to the concern’s personal approach constant direct contact is also maintained with clients who are some distance from the Prague headquarters of VNG Energie Czech, both prior to concluding the contract and also during the course of supplies.

The customer does not lose access to information about his own consumption (through the appropriate distribution company’s system). VNG Energie Czech is a partner who will share information about changes on the Czech market and will incorporate all such changes in its development plan in the European context. The information service provided by VNG Energie Czech helps to find the optimal solution to the customer’s needs. This enables the customer to optimise his consumption and thus achieve further significant savings.

VNG Energie Czech helps customers to better understand and find their way around the conditions on the Czech gas market. Below there is a basic overview of the appropriate legislation; do not hesitate to contact us for further information.